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Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Branded Bike, Repair Bicycles, Types of Bikes |

There are two priceless techniques that you should know in order to improve your balance on bicycle, which generally can help you in off road driving. I’ll try to explain the performance of these two “techniques”.

Driving downhill (Riding off-camber) and standing in one place (Track stand).
If you translated “riding off-camber literally,  it would be driving downhill at an angle

When crossing this terrain, balance is of an enormous importance. Here very is important that you do not slide and fall. The speed does not need to increase (not by Pedaling) and support should be on the pedal that is lowered down. Example: If the chute is at an angle to the right, then the resting should be on the right pedal (leg), or vice versa if the slope is on the left side. Opposite leg should be bent and can keep the pedal. If you need, you can push off the ground with the foot but  do not forget that you are the mainstay of the leg which is on the slope (slopes).

This technique does not have any practical meaning in the run, but it is good practice for maintaining a balance on your bike.

Brakes regulate the speed and stopping at the place where you want to stop. When the bike is not moving, press the front brake and turn the steering wheel slightly to one side while the legs are parallel to the ground.

Push the pedal that is closer to the steering wheel – put pressure on the pedal while holding the brakes, and keep a bike in balance. Straighten the wheel and release the brake when you want to keep on driving.

I hope I’ve at least managed to give you a little bit of practice in theory …You should always ride your bike properly because you don’t want to feel any the pain during your ride.

Pain during cycling is not so rare since many people complain of pain in various parts of the body while driving the bicycle. As usually, the pain comes because of lack of preparation. The most common pain occurring in the back, knee and ankle and in the following text we shall indicate the most common causes why the pain occurs in these parts of the body.

Basically the main causes of pain are flat feet. In this case, shoe inserts are the best solution. But what else can cause pain ? Believe it or not, distorted pedals can cause a lot of pain to you during cycling.

Back pain usually occurs due to poor posture while riding a bike. The back should be slightly arched when sitting, you should know that the “hold” on a bike is totally different from “hold” while you are walking. The back should be corrected in these two cases. However, back should be, as we said, gently rounded.  If you have not set up a body properly, back pain will soon appear and it will greatly affect your riding adventure.

Why are bicycles good for our health?

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Uncategorized |

We live in so called modern world, but that world takes a greater part of our life. Between the jobs and sleeping we don’t have time for the basic human needs – we neglected our health, family, time to be happy and we started to chase time, but it is impossible catch it. Too much stress has a great impact on our health, and one of the best ways to release that stress is to start riding a bicycle, which has proven to have meditative effect.

Many people don’t believe in these facts and they look on bike like it is some rusty thing that’s collecting a dust at some corner of their garage. But recreational ride in the morning isn’t only good for losing a weight, but also for wellbeing of our body, for strengthening of our muscles and especially for our mental health. The beauty of this sport is that you can ride it whenever you have the need to blow off some steam. You can ride it in short and long runs, but it won’t have much effect if you don’t ride it at least four times a week.

Riding a bike is especially beneficial for elderly people, but we must keep in mind that results can’t some overnight – we have to work for them. For some people, cycling is a way of fun, while for others it represents sport and for those who suffer from some chronical illness, this can represent path to recovery.

For those people who spent their time sitting and whose muscles cry out for movement, they will find in this sport everything what they need, but it takes time to accomplish some results and path of thousand miles begins with a first step, so don’t be discouraged at the beginning if you don’t see results at once.

During the ride, it’s important to have regular posture. Things won’t go smoothly as you think, don’t forget, you are learning to ride a bike properlyfor your pleasure and for your health. At the beginning you must have a goal. Find your path, the one that is most appealing.

While you are pedaling, you will have the possibility to observe the landscape that you like and that will give you the strength to continue. Your heart and your bloodstream will be rewarded with that. You will give your lung a fresh air to breathe, pulling them out from city environment full of smog.

Your whole body will gain much strength and you would feel much happier. It isn’t accidentally that citizens of Nederland are the most happies people on the world. It’s because they use bicycle as transportation in amount of 89%.

For those who take cycling as a serious sport, they should pedal the bike 60 to 80 times per minute. People who want to make some serious results in training and lose weight should use a bike ride on daily basis. Only then the results will come.

What are the brakes on a bicycle?

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Branded Bike, Buying a New Bike, Repair Bicycles, Types of Bikes |

Braking on the bicycle is far away from just braking – it represents the essential system of the bike.

To meet the security criteria and to enable better control of the bike, you need to have brakes on both wheels and  that they are completely separate. In this way they can both brake independently, and if one fails, there is a reserve. Both functions are very important!

Controlling bicycle brakes


A typical example is the creation of a semi-circular turn in a small space. Only the rear brake is used to control the speed at such slow maneuvers, although is not impossible to use the front one.

Strong, sudden braking


Many cyclists rely on the rear brake. In case you need to suddenly brake hard, the rear wheel does not stop the bike quickly enough and efficient (due to loss of grip because of weight transfer – will be discussed). If cyclists use the front brake abruptly, without experience and exercise, falling over bike is the very possible scenario.

Proper technique for sudden and hard breaking includes the following items:
-Transferring weight to the rear
-The arms should be bent at the elbows, to make it easier to control the flow, alleviate vibration and to enhance the grip on the front tire
-Arms slightly bent – solid, but not cramped.

The body – weight shifted back as far as possible.
-Gentle pressure on the rear brake
-Powerful and fast squeeze of the front brake – movement actually should be like squeezing lemon – no strike, but fast clench, with a gradual increase
-Rear brake remains untouched, until an initial slight compression – only to slow down the momentum of the rear wheel.



When braking begins, the weight is slowly shifting to the front wheel. Rear wheel will adhere badly, so stopping the rear wheel does not help stopping the bike – it will just slide along the ground.

An extreme example:
Emergency braking on a downhill slope.
The front wheel is literally lifted off the ground, but if applied the proper technique, falling  over the front part of the bicycle is not likely. Also, there is not much sense to squeeze the rear brake.

Great exercise (preferably on an empty parking lot) is to drive at a moderate speed and use the rear brake. Rear wheel will relatively quickly begin to creak, scroll bars, and stop after a long time.

Then try  the same, with moderate speed using only the front brake. First try with couple of slow stops, and then try breaking a little bit stronger and sudden to get a feeling. Note that your elbows should be bent.

 Speed ​​and braking should be moderate enough that the driver does scare, but rather to feel just the brakes behaviour and how the weight shifts forward when braking. This is a good exercise and you will learn how to feel your bicycles and you will learn the abilities of your brakes and how to use them in danger situations. 

Types of bikes

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Branded Bike, Types of Bikes |

There are so many types of bikes and the question is which one is the best choice for you and which pointers you should pay attention to when buying your bicycle. We will give you some information that will help you.

Road bike (road bike) is mainly used by people who are professionally involved in road cycling and, of course, people who prefer riding on a flat surface.  The main characteristics of the bike are thin rubber, which pressure goes up to 9 bar, while the wheel diameter is 28 “. Way of sitting is also different on this type of bike.

The steering wheel is curved and cyclists sit in a tilted position, which improves aerodynamics. Forks on a bike like this are hard (without shock absorbers). As in every category of bicycle, you have different models, the variety of equipment and of course price. So if you’re someone who wants to exceed the long routes on the flat surface, or someone who is professionally engaged in road cycling, this category is perfect match for you.

Mountain bikes (MTB) are two-wheelers that are probably the most common. This bike, unlike road bike, has a wheel diameter of 26 “, different transmission (i.e. the ratio of teeth in the drive and sprocket). As a rule, they should have a shock absorber front, variant XC MTB and Full Suspension variant with front and rear suspension.

In our opinion, 70-80% of people are driving this type of bike. These bikes can be found in almost any store that sells bicycles, and they can be found in the price range of 150 euros onwards, as used and new.

Now we must note the following: we do not want to offend anyone but rather just to provide a form of information. If someone is offended or break the illusion that he had for his bike, we apologize in advance.

70-80% of bicycles sold are mountain bikes, while road bicycles may be only  20%. Why ? Because your mountain bike needs a “machine” that can withstand great torture at inaccessible terrain. So if you paid 200 euros for a bike in the shop, there is no front shock absorber and the bike has an average equipment (mechanics) and they sold it to you as MTB bike. So I guess you are getting the point.

To clarify, a mountain bike should have a front suspension (shock absorber) because it is necessary to alleviate shocks when crossing uneven and rigid terrain, in order to give you some decent chance to ride 30 minutes over rigid terrain. The mechanics on the bike are very important –  you need something that is far better than the average equipment that can be found on most bikes because everything has to work perfectly in extreme conditions, followed by driving off-road terrain. Of course, it is up to you to decide and assess which bike is best for you. But the real question is :

What do you expect from the bike you choose ?

States that use bicycles the most

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Branded Bike, Buying a New Bike, Repair Bicycles |

Bicycles have always been more than transportation, there isn’t place on the world where bicycle isn’t used. I many countries it’s a part of tradition and culture. Riding a bike is a good way to stay in shape, it’s good for health, it preserves the nature and it’s a great way to see many places and to know other cultures.
People in some cities couldn’t imagine their life without this transportation. Bicycle from its own beginning has remained a phenomenon and it is always popular.

Here are the states that use bicycles the most:



Population: around 1,342,700,000, number of bicycles: 500,000,000, the use: 37,2%. Capital of China, Shanghai, is the industrial center of the state. Around 60% of local population uses the bicycle to go to work. The city has 23 million of people and more than nine million use the bicycle.


Population: 10,827,520, number of bicycles: 5,200,000, use: 48%. Researches that are conducted in Belgium show that 8% of all transportation is conducted by the bicycle. Average daily distance that people in this country cross using a bike is 0.9 km and bicycling is a national sport in Belgium.


Population: 7,782,900, number of bicycles: 3,800,000, use: 48,8%. 5% of all transportation goes through bicycles and more than 10% of population use it as a transportation to work. This country is at the top of ladder when using a bicycle is in order, they promote it as a healthier way of life, it keeps the condition in shape, riders can enjoy in nature and they can associate with other riders. They also have lot of bicycling clubs.


Population: 127,370,000, number of bicycles: 72,540,000, use: 56,9%. In the last few years Japan has been selling more than 10 million of bicycle per year. 15% of Japanese use bike when they go to work and that practice is spread across the country. In bigger cities they have stations where they can rent a bike. The three main reasons why Japanese use bikes are: health, avoiding traffic jams and full trains and metros. Interesting fact is that large number of people don’t lock their bike at the stations. [/quote]


Population: 5,380,000, number of bicycles: 3,250,000, use: 60,4%. Finns ride bike between 9 and 10%. Average daily rout is 0,7 km per human. In this country all social layers use bike as a transportation, from businessmen to retirees. Even though Finland is one of the coldest countries in the world, this doesn’t affect people to use bikes. Season is open in early spring and ends in late autumn.


Population: 81,802,000, number of bicycles: 62,000,000, use: 75,8%. Bicycle is rooted in German culture. Even though they have high quality and safe transportation, almost 10% of Germans regularly ride a bike. There isn’t house in Germany that doesn’t have a bicycle and love towards them is passed through generations. They also take extremely good care about safety of the riders and they build all the time special parking places.


Population: 81,802,000, number of bicycles: 62,000,000, use: 75,8%. Bicycle is rooted in German culture. Even though they have high quality and safe transportation, almost 10% of Germans regularly ride a bike. There isn’t house in Germany that doesn’t have a bicycle and love towards them is passed through generations. They also take extremely good care about safety of the riders and they build all the time special parking places.

4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Brand New Bicycle

Posted by on Jan 10, 2016 in Branded Bike, Buying a New Bike |

Going shopping for a new and bicycle is both exciting and filled with questions that you need to have an answer to, prior to going for this sort of shopping. Certainly, a bicycle is one of the best means of transportation, because it saves money and time, preserves the environment and benefits your overall health. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about these things prior to buying one. You can also look at fixed gear bike online shop.

1. Do You Need A New Bike?

The very first thing that you should ask yourself is whether you need a new bicycle at all. If you happen to have a great, functioning bicycle, is it reasonable to buy a new one? Well, if you are a professional cyclist, you probably need to change your bicycles more frequently than the rest of the cycling crowd.

In addition to that, if you’re bicycle is broken down beyond repairing, or is simply too old to function properly, you may want to replace it with a new one. Moreover, sometimes you just need to have a city bike, and not a mountain bike, so they use of the bicycle will also a fact whether you need is to get another one along with the one you already have.

2. How Much Money Can You Spend On A Bike?


Next thing you should keep in mind is how much money you are willing to spend on a new bicycle. Certainly, there are numerous types of bicycles and that their prices are ranging from incredibly low to incredibly high. If you’re willing to spend large sums of money, you should ask yourself whether you need to spend so much money on a bicycle, whether it means so much do you, and whether you could spend that money elsewhere.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend large sums of money, make sure that you get the best deal for the money that you are prepared to spend on a bicycle.

3. Where Should You Buy It?

In my opinion it’s for the best that you choose a bike shop that is close to you. In addition to that, if you have been a customer in the past, you will probably get a better deal. Moreover, a bike shop that is close to you will be easy to work with in cases of warranty issues and repairs. Also, I would advise you to visit at least a couple of bike shops before choosing the one where are you will buy your next bicycle. That way you will make sure that you are buying the bicycle you wanted at the best price on the market. You can also ask your dealer to get you a better price, but keep in mind that the majority of dealers it bike shops are more prepared to throw in extra equipment for free, rather than give you a discount on the bicycle.

4. Does It Meet Your Requirements?

One thing you should definitely do before buying a bicycle is of course to take it for a test ride. In this way you will make sure that the particular bicycle in question meets your requirements, and that it is suitable for you to use and ride freely.